Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads, Regular

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Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads, Regular
Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads, Regular


  • Each pad measures 22×22 inches (56×56 cm)
  • Super-absorbent core that turns liquid to gel upon contact
  • Leak proof with plastic lining to prevent damage to floors
  • Quick-dry surface with built-in attractant
  • Great for training puppies, assisting aging dogs, or as an alternative to the outdoors for indoor dogs
  • The regular size training pads are intended for puppies and small dogs only, for medium- and large-sized dogs the Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads, Extra-Large work best

Additional information

Specification: Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads, Regular


‎50 Count (Pack of 1)

Product Dimensions

‎55.88 x 55.88 x 0.05 cm, 29.76 Grams

Item model number


Breed Recommendation

‎All Breed Sizes


Number of Items




Batteries required


Item Weight

‎29.7 g

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7 reviews for Amazon Basics Pet Training Pads, Regular

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  1. Michelle 88

    I have an elderly gentleman with dementia, who has come to live with me from a care home. He is good during the day, but during the night his old bladder isn’t as strong as it used to be, and I have found puddles of urine on my carpet in the morning. So I thought I would get some of these puppy pads, so that if he feels the need to go during the night he can pee on these. They have worked a treat, no more wet carpet, just a few wet pads to pick up. And no embarrassing looks from him. And luckily he doesn’t pee in his bed. They absorb a lot too.
    You may be wondering why I don’t get him a commode or help him to the toilet, the thing is his paws don’t reach the toilet bowl and he won’t entertain any steps to stand on so he could reach. So we have to use the pads. So a great product for anyone elderly 😉

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  2. getyerspn

    Ideal cheap training pads for a new pups .. we use these on a tiled floor in the kitchen, they work well
    one tip is not to replace them if you’re pup has just pee’ed a bit on them ..leave it so he/she can smell where to wee next time …then start to move the slightly soiled pad nearer the door ..then move the soiled pad just out side the back door and leave it there. Praising and giving a treat if he / she wee’s / poops on the pad outside. …do this gradually over a few weeks and it works.
    After that don’t wash they’re toilet area outside too well (if its a patio) so they can still smell the toilet area till its ingrained in them.
    Be aware house training is not always quick. Have patience.
    Ok these are not as cheap as using news paper but they don’t turn into mush with the first wee like news paper so make doggy training much easier for us hooomans

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  3. PhAnMaLe

    Bought these as my house trained dogs have been having a few accidents indoors now the back door is not often open and they don’t make it clear that they want to go out and I’m getting fed up cleaning carpets 🙁

    The pads don’t seem to smell noticeably although both my dogs did have a good sniff once I laid one by the back door! Hopefully they will do the job, easily disposable (put them in my poo bags and then in the dog bin).

    Soft tissue for the dogs to do their stuff and the waterproof backing will save my carpets!

    Well, so far so good, pad by the back door was used – for both parts of the toileting and twice – sorry, I can’t describe it, but you get my gist- and my carpets are dry underneath! Yayyy!
    Clean one for tonight then 🙂 happy, happy!

    *edit* my dogs are toy breed and are often mistaken for puppies, so these mats are adequate for my use but you may need more than 1 or 2 for larger breeds so although good value for my needs they may not be so economical if using a few at a time…

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  4. Annabel

    We’re just back from the vet, our puppy is 9 weeks old and chewed one of these puppy pads and almost died. The plastic caused a gut blockage and our puppy needed surgery. I know puppies chew, so not necessarily the manufacturers fault. However, I wouldn’t leave my puppy alone with a plastic bag, so why leave her with these?

    When I was growing up we used newspaper to train puppies. A friend suggested puppy pads, so I bought them as they sounded great and less messy. This product wasn’t particularly absorbent either but that’s a side note.

    In future we’ll stick with newspaper, as it’s much safer for the puppy, plus more environmentally friendly.

    We’ve had a really terrible scare. If you buy pads for your puppy be sure to have pet insurance! The bill was £3k. FYI Make sure your insurance covers the day you take your puppy home.

    This is the first review I’ve written but I had to share.

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  5. ElaineG

    My dogs are 8 and 7 and we still have an occasional accident, especially this time of year when everyone is back at school and work after the summer and they have been on their own, and their little bladders are just not used to it anymore, not to mention the times when the postman comes! We have a stairgate across the hall and put a pad just by it and that works for us. We also use them if we are on holiday, so that we don’t have to worry about wee soaking into carpets in a guest cottage. I bought these as an alternative to the name brands that you can get on the High Street and found they are probably the best I have used yet. The layers on each pad really do absorb all the liquid, and when you lift one up, the underneath is totally dry – nothing has seeped through whatsoever, which is something I have found can happen even with the most expensive pads. Highly recommend this item.

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  6. Gilly Mac

    The liquid simply sits atop of these & gets all over pups paws. Extremely poor absorbency. No scent & smaller than alternative better quality versions. Given a 25% refund. Significantly disappointed with Amazon on this item. Buy another brand.

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  7. Susan S.

    Works well when puppy’s aim is good however at times in the early days, he preferred our rug (rug was removed) then he mostly used the pads and usually successfully, sometimes he only stood halfway on the pad and his stream missed all or part of the pad.
    I am happy to report he is now 98% clean in the house and he is only 4 months. Have patience with your puppy, never make a big deal of any accidents and reward with praise (and food if you like) all succesful outings to a suitable toilet space.
    Also if you have an easily cleanable floor, which we do, I found having a tub of old rags and a spray bottle with dilute biological laundry detergent nearby worked well for fuss free and speedy clean ups. Good luck!

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