Beaphar WORMclear for Cats and Kittens

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  • Kills both roundworms and tapeworms
  • Use from 6 weeks of age and weighing more than 1kg
  • Meaty flavoured
  • Effective in One Dose
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Beaphar WORMclear for Cats and Kittens
Beaphar WORMclear for Cats and Kittens



Additional information

Specification: Beaphar WORMclear for Cats and Kittens


‎2 Count (Pack of 1)

Pet Type


Item model number


Pet Life Stage

‎All Life Stages

Allergen Information


Material Composition

‎100% Tablets

Outer Material


Inner Material

‎See description


Product Dimensions

‎3 x 7.5 x 9.7 cm, 12 Grams

Number of Items



‎2 Fluid Ounces



Care Instructions


Storage Information

‎Keep blister in outer carton. Do not remove tablets from blister until required for use. Do not use after expiry date. Unused halved tablets should be discarded.

Specific Uses

‎Against worms

Batteries required


Batteries Included


EU Energy Efficiency Label


Item Weight

‎12 g

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Beaphar WORMclear for Cats and Kittens

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Bloo Pixie

    Angelpants The Unpredictable is a cat like no other. She is a rescue cat who is very loving and sweet and in the next breathe will literally try and tear your face off. This behaviour gives us pause before clipping her claws and giving her meds or anything other activity that may cause bodily harm to us when she decides she shall start fighting we lesser humans whilst screeching at the top of her kitty lungs “Unhand me foul humans!!!”

    Thankfully this process was relatively simple, I got my partner and my son to do it. One held onto our precious cargo making sure she knew she was safe and loved. He did manage to hit her murder button during this process however she did not react. which we are all incredibly grateful for. The last thing I needed today was a bleeding screaming manchild leaking all over the carpet and complaining for the next week about his boo boo on his army warmy!

    I have put above she approved highly of the flavour, all I can say is she hasn’t said otherwise or made…

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  2. Amelia

    No dosage details in description so I had no way of knowing one box wouldn’t do both my cats till it arrived (one 4kg one 5kg). Ordered another now, hence the loosing of a star – clearer description details so I knew how many to buy first time would have been a perfect 5* review.

    So you dont have the same issue, here is the dosage as per the box.
    1 – 2kg is half a tablet
    2 – 4kg is 1 tablet
    4 – 6 is 1 and a half tablets
    6+ is two tablets.

    No issues getting a rather stubborn cat to eat these. Great to find a product that deals with both types of worm at once.

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  3. The Mad Hatter

    I have never purchased this brand before for worming – but my cats needed worming and concerned that my usual supplier of Drontal cat worming tablets would not get delivered till after Christmas. I have used other Beaphar products and they work great.

    Thanks to a previous reviewer posting a picture of the dosage at the back of the box I purchased 2 boxes I as have 3 cats at varying weights. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the active ingredient in these tablets are the same as Drontal and in the exact same dose as well . Each tablet contains 230mg Pyrantel and 20mg Praziquantel – it works out around the same price – considering that though the prices for Drontal per tablet is cheaper I still have to pay postage – so the price works out to about the same. I only gave to my cat last night so based on the ingredients it should work as it covers tapeworm and roundworm. For cats that are notrious in not taking tablets I cut it in half and gave each half with some water administered…

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  4. ws Whisper

    I thought I was fairly invincible on cat tablet administration, my arms hard enough to take the cat claw rakes – but sadly not this time!

    The first tablet, broken up and well disguised by being very well tucked in the centres of the tastiest chunks of chicken known to cat, were spat out complete with foaming at the mouth. The tablet was that foul to taste that the chicken made no difference. He did eat the chicken though! I’ve fed many tablets to many cats including this (greedy) cat over the years and that trick almost always works.
    Second tablet a few weeks later was therefore given the hard Plan B way, that is, jaws open and pushed down the throat (a method I prefer to leave to the vet). It achieved nothing but a cat throwing up all over the carpet a couple of hours or so later. The tablet clearly didn’t agree with him.

    I seriously doubt Konker had a decent enough dose from either tablet and the fact he was sick makes me wonder what effect these have on our pets? Yes I want my cat…

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  5. Chickpea

    It did take me several hours to round up my five cats and get a tablet down each one of them (last time I tried to worm them I ended up in casualty with a broken foot). They have worked but I just wish that someone would invent an easier way of getting the cats to actually take them :-/

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  6. Jenny

    For a week my cat wasn’t herself. She wasn’t eating much and becoming weak. On day 7 she stopped eating completely and didn’t have enough strength to even jump up on the sofa. I was about to call the vets when I realised that I couldn’t remember the last time that she was wormed and she had some of the symptoms so I took a chance and ordered these. They arrived the next day.
    At first I was a little concerned about the size of them. She wasn’t eating so I couldn’t mash it into her food. I had previously read somewhere that if you blow gently on a cats face then it causes them to swallow so I popped the pill to the back of her tongue, blew and just like that, she swallowed it with no issues at all.
    Day 1 she began to pick at food again, Day 2 she began to meow for food again and eat more and now we are on day 3 she is back to her usual self.
    The definitely work and probably saved me alot of money on vets bills.

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