Bob Martin Clear | Spot On Flea Treatment for Small Dogs (2-10 kg) | Kills Fleas, Ticks & Lice | Fast Control, 24 Week Protection (3 Pipettes)

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Bob Martin Clear | Spot On Flea Treatment for Small Dogs (2-10 kg) | Kills Fleas, Ticks & Lice | Fast Control, 24 Week Protection (3 Pipettes)
Bob Martin Clear | Spot On Flea Treatment for Small Dogs (2-10 kg) | Kills Fleas, Ticks & Lice | Fast Control, 24 Week Protection (3 Pipettes)


  • KILLS FLEAS & TICKS – Effective Spot-On treatment, simply apply directly on your dog’s skin to kill fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours
  • SMALL DOGS (2-10KG) – Suitable for small dogs over 8 weeks old, weighing between 2-10kg
  • HOW TO USE – Simply part your dog’s coat until the skin is visible, place the tip of the pipette directly against the skin and gently squeeze. Apply half to the base of the back of the dog’s head and half between the shoulder blades
  • PROTECT YOUR PET – Prevents re-infestation on your pet and in their immediate surroundings. The active ingredient (Fipronil) works quickly to kill fleas & ticks
  • PREVENTATIVE CARE IS THE BEST CARE – Contains 3 treatments to be used at monthly intervals as part of an effective and regular flea control program
  • COMPLETE YOUR ROUTINE – Use with Bob Martin Clear Flea Spray Plus for fast, effective household treatment

Additional information

Specification: Bob Martin Clear | Spot On Flea Treatment for Small Dogs (2-10 kg) | Kills Fleas, Ticks & Lice | Fast Control, 24 Week Protection (3 Pipettes)


‎3 Tubes

Pet Type


Product Dimensions

‎2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm, 20 Grams

Item model number


Pet Life Stage


Item Form



‎7.83 Fluid Ounces

Number of Items




Specific Uses

‎Fleas, Mites and Ticks

Batteries required


Batteries Included


Item Weight

‎20 g

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8 reviews for Bob Martin Clear | Spot On Flea Treatment for Small Dogs (2-10 kg) | Kills Fleas, Ticks & Lice | Fast Control, 24 Week Protection (3 Pipettes)

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  1. marza

    We have three dogs and thought of saving a bit money by ordering these flea treatments for our Westie and two lurchers (large dog ones for the lurchers) and we ended up having fleas on all three dogs. I did not think it was the treatment at first (thought we were unlucky and maybe brought them home from the walks or groomers) but after spending two weeks on hoovering, washing textiles and dogs, brushing the dogs and kept finding fleas, I bought the spray (excellent btw) and went to the vet to buy more expensive version which we have used for years without any problems with these nasty fleas before. 48 hrs after the dogs and house (I hope!) was flea free. Could just be a co incidence too; I understand that not every flea treatment necessarily work on all dogs but I will not be risking it anymore by trying to save money on cheaper versions. I most likely spend far much more on electricity and on flea sprays than the money saved in the first place.

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  2. Peter H. Mussell

    There are treatments that are a lot more expensive than this ‘spot’ treatment from Bob Martin. However, price is no guarantee of efficaciousness. In my dog’s case, ( a 40kg GSD with medium length hair.) the effect has been nothing short of miraculous. He now has a luxuriant coat, and more importantly, he no longer suffers from the stress that the infestation of these parasites cause.

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  3. Debbie

    Purchased this item, it’s the same brand I’ve used on the same dog for years although not bought from amazon, few hours after applying it In the usual fashion, my dogs fur at the back smelled like burned fur, kept an eye on it, my pets been really bothered by something he can’t reach to scratch, so apon checking his neck, there is no hair on where I applied the treatment and his skin is red and irritated, and quite angry looking, will not purchase this item from this provider again, unfortunately damage is done now and I hope his fur grows back with no lasting effect

    Apon contacting amazon the issue has been dealt with very professionally and to a good standard, however just be wary of this product and your pet.

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  4. Cris Cook

    I used to buy the same products from the high street or my local vets but paid way more than i pay for them from Amazon, the same treatment at a better price is always a win.

    The product itself i assume works as my dog has never had any fleas or ticks.

    You get 18 weeks treatment for a large dog from these as you apply one tube for 6 weeks treatment and this pack has three tubes. Its really easy to apply, just part the dogs hair between the shoulder blade and apply half the tube, then apply the other half approx half way down the spine. Then all done and repeat in six weeks.

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  5. HIL8654

    I used this product on my dogs and after 24 hrs they were both ill with diarrhea and sickness for the next 24 hrs. I have always used frontline in spot on form and this has been fine, but couldn’t find any at the time so tried this. I threw the rest away. There was no other reason for them being ill and both vet and breeder agreed the chemicals would most probably be the cause and both had heard of it happening before.

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  6. Anya Dutton

    Okay so we have had about 25 dogs and around 40 cats in our life time (not exaggerating), and we currently have 4 of each, most of which rescue. As you can imagine we are forever looking for ways to reduce expenditure – we used to use pet pharmacy websites to buy the branded stuff (strong hold and the other one). But looking up ingredients, and then searching by ingredient for equivalent cheaper products, we found this lot, and bought a similar much cheaper product for the cats as well. I’m not making any recommendations here for your animal, just speaking of our own experience. We have 2 large and 2 small dogs, and so we use 1 each of the vials on each large dog and the small dogs get half of a vial each, so a box of 3 does us perfectly. It does the trick just fine 🙂

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  7. REJ

    I bought this for my puppy chihuahua and he had a serious reaction to it. At first I thought it might be the smell but he ended up scratching himself so much that I had to bathe him within an hour of application to try and get as much off him as I could. Unfortunately some of it was absorbed and it drove him crazy. He was so distressed, yelping and crying in pain, twitching and shaking his head violently. This carried on into the next day when I called the emergency vet who saw him and gave an injection to counteract the drug in this flea treatment. I was advised by my vet that the actual drug in the flea treatment wouldn’t have worked anyway. My puppy is now fully recovered and on a monthly flea and worm treatment prescribed by his vet (NexGard Spectra).

    I don’t often write reviews let alone leave a negative review but given the severity of my dog’s reaction I just wanted to leave honest feedback. I notice that many have used this without any adverse effects so perhaps it might be…

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  8. Amanda George

    This arrived late yesterday afternoon and we put it on our senior pup, hoping to stop her scratching, licking and biting herself so much and 20 hours later it’s already working. She’s licked her front paw once in that time, but that could have been a normal kinda itch, instead of a flea itch and there are still another 2 pipette thingies to use after 8 and 16 weeks.

    If you’ve got a small dog and you’re looking for a good value flea protection for him or her, definitely invest in this for 24 weeks of protection!

    We’ll definitely be getting it again!

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