Dymatize ISO 100 Fudge Brownie 2.2 kg – Whey Protein Hydrolysat + Isolat Powder

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Last updated on November 23, 2023 4:26 am Details
Dymatize ISO 100 Fudge Brownie 2.2 kg – Whey Protein Hydrolysat + Isolat Powder
Dymatize ISO 100 Fudge Brownie 2.2 kg – Whey Protein Hydrolysat + Isolat Powder


  • Premium combination of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and whey protein isolate
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis whey protein broken down partially into amino acid chains
  • A ideal choice after and even before exhausting workouts
  • 25196601
  • High-protein drink powder from whey protein isolate with sweeteners for athletes, fudge-brownie flavour

Additional information

Specification: Dymatize ISO 100 Fudge Brownie 2.2 kg – Whey Protein Hydrolysat + Isolat Powder


‎2.2 Kilograms



Product Name

‎Dymatize ISO 100 Fudge Brownie 2,2kg – Whey Protein Hydrolysat + Isolat Powder


‎2200.0 gram

Solid Net Weight

‎2.3 Kilograms

Country of origin




Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Dymatize ISO 100 Fudge Brownie 2.2 kg – Whey Protein Hydrolysat + Isolat Powder

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    This is the 4th flavour of iso 100 I have tried which is now the only protein powder I buy due to the excellent macro profile and digestibility.

    Been waiting to try chocolate coconut for a while as coconut is one of my favourite flavours but I just don’t enjoy it that much. Overall chocolate flavour is fairly weak and the coconut is pretty artificial tasting. I would rank the ones I have tried as follows

    1. Fudge Brownie
    2. Birthday cake (very sweet)
    3. Orange dreamsickle
    4. Chocolate coconut

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  2. Orin, Alaska and Bubba Bulldog

    As a lactose intolerant, finding a decent tasting protein powder has been a struggle that has lasted years.

    All the big name brands have made my insides… yeah.

    My partner (as well as the toilet) have had hell.

    Vegan protein powders are usually oversweet, thick and bitty disgusting.

    I resorted to making my own brown rice and pea protein smoothies, which are good, but they take time.

    Enter Dymatize.


    This powder has changed my life. So good. So tasty. And no lactose in sight. Fudge Brownie is DELICIOUS (even with water).

    Great macros. Convenient. Changed my life.

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  3. Ryan

    Great taste and quality. Mixed 2 scoops with almond milk and ice.

    To those worried about the pinhole in the seal, this is from Dymatize’s website in the FAQs:

    “The small hole in the white intermediate cover of our products is not a quality flaw – this hole (also called pinprick) is needed here. It ensures resistance of the seal towards high pressure differences (pressure equalisation). This prevents a contraction or bursting of the tub. Currently the pinprick is present in all Dymatize tubs.“

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  4. Henry

    I first bought the strawberry but it was so bad I threw it out. Jist could not drink that. So I saw a review saying chocolate is better. So I got that one. It doesn’t really taste of chocolate. Plus is is so sweet it makes me feel sick. I tried making it with water at the amounts stated. But it was just too sweet for me so had to water it down more. It was still just as sweet but even less chocolatey. I tried counteracting the sweetness with unsweetened almond milk. This didn’t change how sweet it was and just gave it a stranger taste. It wasn’t the worst I’ve ever tasted. But I still kept feeling sickly directly as I drank or finished drinking it. I tried to mix it into zero fat greek yoghurt. But it tasted really bad! It was both bitter yoghurt tasting and overly sweet protein powder tasting at the same time. I had about 3 small spoonfulls and just could not carry on. It was also thick and gloopy to eat too.

    So I have ordered the vanilla one to try do a smoothy with frozen…

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  5. Joel

    Easily my favourite go to brand for whey isolate. Packed with 5.8g BCAAs (of which 2.7g leucine), 25g protein per rounded scoop. Each scoop will weigh roughly the same every serving as opposed to products such as ON whey which is a much more flakey texture that will always result in marginal weight differences in every rounded scoop.

    Dym always mixes well for whey isolate and never fails me in taste.

    As all isolate protein, great for dieting.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    i normally use SCI-MX Nutrition Diet Protein Powder from the diet and tone range
    however amazon was out of stock of my normal chocolate flavour in the 1.8KG size so i thought i would gave Dymatize ISO 100 Gourmet Chocolate 2.2 kg – Whey Protein Hydrolysat + Isolat Powder a try….

    on paper this product looks impressive however it is extremely expensive compared to other manufactures so this was a big gamble, i will add that i bought this product direct from amazon and not a 3rd party seller so i have no reason to believe the product is fake in any way like others have reported. i believe this is a genuine product cam well packaged with multiple seals over the container all of which were securely in place which gives confidence in the products quality and safety, i like the fact i had to open the plastic coating over the lid, then remove a very secure cover seal of the lip of the container below the lid. i wish all the manufactures did this.

    the powder comes with a scoop, i mixed the…

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