instax 70100138444 Mini Film 50 Shot Pack

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instax 70100138444 Mini Film 50 Shot Pack
instax 70100138444 Mini Film 50 Shot Pack



  • Credit card sized instax mini film, print size 54 (w) x 86 (H), image size 46 (w) x 62 (H) mm
  • Suitable for all instax mini cameras and mini SHARE printers
  • Vibrant colour reproduction, prolongs colour sharpness through the years
  • Fast picture development. Extended temperature range: working range is 5 – 40 C
  • Pack contains 5 x 10 shot film cartridges

Additional information

Specification: instax 70100138444 Mini Film 50 Shot Pack





Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎12.6 x 10.8 x 6.7 centimetres

Package Weight

‎0.24 Kilograms

Item Dimensions L x W x H

‎10.7 x 10.7 x 6.8 centimetres

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7 reviews for instax 70100138444 Mini Film 50 Shot Pack

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  1. Tracey Kraemer

    So, this is my first Amazon review, and I hope that speaks volumes as to my disappointment behind this purchase.

    I’ve had my Polaroid camera for years now, never had a problem like this. Think the photos will do the talking but I opened the package to find the Instax Film box very beat up. Both of the silver bags containing the film were somewhat opened as well. The first cartridge I inserted really messed with my camera.

    As you can see, the wet black ink smeared on my photos, front and back. One photo even came out half white. I only printed two or three photos from this cartridge because I knew something was wrong.

    When I changed the cartridge, the new photos came out the same. I had to somewhat disassemble my camera to clean the black ink out so that it wouldn’t break my camera and keep printing the photos this way. Massive disappointment as I bought this film for a trip with my family to Turkey.

    Would like an explanation, or a refund, or a new pack of film.

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  2. lisa heath

    Usually I am more than happy with this product, and have no issue. However I bought this not long ago for my trip to Rome and was really disheartened when the first pack of 10 would not work, they kept coming out blotchy or even nothing at all. For a once in a lifetime opportunity I was very upset that they didn’t work. If something could be done about this it would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. C.RumBaaBaa

    I use these with a fuji mini instax printer. I was bored with the convenient, space-saving qualities of digital photography and these allowed me to clutter up my life with tangible copies of photos from my smartphone. It’s a nice blend of old & new tech. The image quality and colour definition is unpredictable, which greatly adds to their charm. They are expensive but then that just makes you really consider what you want to print. I think they’re great.

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  4. Strong Coffee Please

    Like many, I belong to a generation where Polaroid and other “instant” photo film devices came to the fore.

    This was at a time when 35mm film or slides necessitated popping your film in one of those funny coloured envelopes and posting it off in the hope it would arrive at the processing place. Or, if you had a nearby Boots or other similar shop, you could take it in and put up with the miserable face of retail staff that looked at you as if to say “Bet there’s some dodgy photos on this”.

    Well, welcome back to 1975 or 1980. See, there’s nothing remotely clever about these “Instax” other than an ultra-smart marketing man and team, backed by a funky advertising campaign and some groovy (get me, how 70’s?) coloured cameras.

    My daughter has fallen for this, hook, line and sinker. This is despite being the owner of a Nikon DSLR and an iPhone XS Max – both of which take photographs suited to 2019 and of a quality that an Instax film camera wouldn’t achieve in the collaborative hands of Lord…

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  5. Megan Fidler

    The first packet was fantastic and I had absolutely no issues with them at all, however the second packet in the box did not work. After inserting it into the camera and pressing the capture button to remove the black cover the rest of the film would not print. I would take a picture normally and the camera would take the picture but the film physically didn’t pop up. As a result of this I had to open the camera to remove the film and physically push the film which obviously meant they were exposed and unable to use. Very disappointed 🙁

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  6. MyKeyReviews

    I use these with my Instax SP-2 printer and love the results.

    When in use with a compatible printer or camera, these are great for journal’s, scrapbooks or to give out during weddings and events.

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  7. Shumaira

    This came the next day with prime and did everything I expected. Image quality was exactly what I expected it to be, and is dependent on how well you can use your camera! This is the first pack of film I got to use in my Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 and so took one or two films to get used to it but once I did I loved the vintage, old school look all the films had. It was so lovely to have a tangible, physical copy of pictures in my hand instantly. Didn’t grow up with polaroid style pictures where it came out instantly so it was a novelty for me but those who did grow up with it really loved the throwback!

    For anyone who hasn’t used the camera before, make sure you don’t open the back when you insert the the cartridge as this will overexpose the film and will come out all white. First shot that you take when you put in the cartridge will take off the back and will spew out a thin piece of plastic.

    One pack of the two was damaged but was sorted once I contacted Amazon.

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