iodd Mini USB 3.0 256-bit Secure encrypted SSD Drive (256GB)

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Last updated on October 4, 2023 4:21 pm Details
iodd Mini USB 3.0 256-bit Secure encrypted SSD Drive (256GB)
iodd Mini USB 3.0 256-bit Secure encrypted SSD Drive (256GB)


  • AES256-XTS/Write protect Blocker/WinToGo/AutoSleep/Safely Removal/Firmware Updater
  • Virtual Drive Features – Bootable Virtual ODD(ISO file)/USB Drive function can be used with Rufus or similar other tools
  • Recognized as Bootable HDD for Windows 8,LInux,Mac OS. Selecting VHD files let you can multi-boot.
  • Optimized for handheld / Light and small size fits in your hand
  • Simple and powerful features / built-in help / multilingual support

Additional information

Specification: iodd Mini USB 3.0 256-bit Secure encrypted SSD Drive (256GB)



Product Dimensions

‎9 x 4 x 0.9 cm, 85 Grams

Item model number



Form Factor

‎1.8 inches

Hard Drive Size

‎256 GB

Hard Drive Interface

‎USB 3.0

Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

‎85 g

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for iodd Mini USB 3.0 256-bit Secure encrypted SSD Drive (256GB)

3.5 out of 5
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  1. CRL

    I have just had this product and the features on it were great…
    however… somethings have good ideas but arent followed through enough.

    So it can mount ISO great… it can be encrypted fab… but what if you want to boot and iso file on a machine which doesnt have always on USB….

    All this needs is a small battery to make it last 15 mins, so you can power it up and mount an iso then turn the computer on for it to boot from.
    Then this would have been a good device. The build quality isnt great.. i would want to use it everyday use as the plastics are….. made to a price…

    maybe the next version will have a battery of some sort.

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  2. Aidan Rayner

    I’ve been using this almost daily since I bought it and really like it. It’s great for booting whatever you need to on any machine you like. It makes my life at work so much easier as I can just drop an ISO on it and boot to it.

    However, the build quality isn’t great. It feels cheap (and the price certainly isn’t), it scratches easily, and it has no battery meaning the device doesn’t stay powered on for long enough at boot to select something without having to restart again. There is a way to pick beforehand by saving your boot information with the 9 key but it’s still not amazing.

    Well…today I went to upgrade my Windows 10 ISOs when it suddenly cut out halfway through. The unit no longer reads the SSD correctly, and, sure enough, it’s dead. Plugging the SSD into another machine, voiding my warranty by opening it, shows absolutely nothing.

    Not great considering I paid £150 for it…

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  3. Juozas

    Greetings, the device really has no rivals for the functionality, irreplaceable! But the used material quality (cheap plastic), engineering design is very bad, the internal SSD is not even fixed/screwed in any way, and does not even have a heatsink while it is clearly overheating especially while on load. A really under-engineered device that got no love at all from its creators, such a shame for this price.

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  4. John Rothlisberger

    I’ve owned every model of IODD in the last ten or more years, and this one is just by far the best. So tiny and light, significantly better user interface, lightning-fast startup, it’s absolutely fab. I wish it came with a nicer cable (and I wish it wasn’t white).

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  5. Jack W.

    There are no issues booting iso files in legqcy, uefi, secure boot etc. no fiddling with e2b, ventoy, etc. just plug it in and go 😀 Not only that, you can mount (fixed) VHD files as if they are either usb hdds or usb flashdrives.

    My only complaints are that you can brick the logic board if you unplug it whilst it’s updating (not even the firmware updater will save you sometimes), and the USB Micro B connector can wear out easily and stop working.

    That said, we have bought multiple (and are very pleased), and there’s really no competition in the market for a product like this currently.

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  6. Alden

    The media could not be loaded.

     Works as described, the idea is incredible! I love the ability to boot from different iso’s and even emulate multiple USB’s at once from .vhd’s. I just wish the device was a little bit more premium. The back heats up quite alot after using for 30 mins and the buttons aren’t the best. But otherwise, there is nothing like it on the market, and I’d highly recommend buying 🙂

    P.S. enjoy the screen wrap peel 😋

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  7. Keith Roberts

    Every time you reconnected it would start at the main menu – it would not remember the previous settings
    Been using Iodd devices for many years and previous versions will restart with settings from the last time it was powered up
    Love iodd devices – but not what I was expecting so I returned for a refund

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  8. FP

    Honestly, I’m very happy with this purchase. My IODD Mini came with two USB cables, a nice and sturdy pouch for carrying it, good instructions and a little sleeve too.

    In my totally-not-methodical testing, I got 200 MB/s when copying two ISOs to it. Just gave it a quick whirl: mounted a Linux distro ISO to a virtual DVD drive and my laptop happily booted from it very fast.

    What I do not like (I ran the firmware update tool on the IODD site before writing these gripes; JFTR, my Mini was showing 1_1_68 before I ran iodd_firm_upd- and it was showing the same afterwards):

    * The insanely bright LED light. For such an advanced device with a fair few configuration options, I do find it kinda baffling that there’s no option to turn it off

    * The available standby time settings jump from 1 minute to 15. I’m a little confused as to why there’s no setting that’s in-between…

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