Kuhn Rikon 30333 Duromatic Hotel Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with Side Grips, 12 Litre / 28 cm, Silver

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Kuhn Rikon 30333 Duromatic Hotel Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with Side Grips, 12 Litre / 28 cm, Silver
Kuhn Rikon 30333 Duromatic Hotel Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with Side Grips, 12 Litre / 28 cm, Silver


  • 12 litre/28 cm (diameter) pressure cooker – can be used to prepare a huge variety of foods/meals and will produce up to 12 servings
  • Features an advanced, spring-loaded valve that accurately reflects the internal pressure within the pan (allows precise cooking times/eradicates the guesswork that can cause spoilage)
  • Extremely quiet – valve also eliminates the noise/hissing that is traditionally associated with pressure cookers
  • Designed for optimal safety – automatic locking system prevents removal of the lid whilst pressure exists within the pan
  • Multiple steam release back-up systems offset excess/unwanted rises in pressure
  • Crafted from premium-quality, polished, 18/10 stainless steel that is rust, corrosion and chip-resistant
  • Superthermic aluminium base enables rapid absorption/even distribution of heat and is compatible with all stovetops (including induction)
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland since 1949

Additional information

Specification: Kuhn Rikon 30333 Duromatic Hotel Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with Side Grips, 12 Litre / 28 cm, Silver



Special Features

‎Gas stovetop compatible

Model Number



Product Dimensions

‎27.94 x 27.94 x 22.86 cm, 6 Kilograms


‎28 Centimetres


‎12 litres


‎Stainless steel

Item Weight

‎6 kg

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Kuhn Rikon 30333 Duromatic Hotel Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with Side Grips, 12 Litre / 28 cm, Silver

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Mariew0

    I used to have a Prestige Hi-dome – which was fine actually although yes it did hiss a bit – but when the link was suggested between aluminium and altzheimers, I stopped using it. I have often thought about getting a replacement but just never got round to it. However, I make stock often, and soups, and casseroles and so, because of the terribly high price of fuel, decided to get one. I hummed and hawed before buying this particular model; it was the one I wanted but was so expensive. I very luckily managed to get a bargain through Amazon Warehouse and got an 8 litre Hotel model for £135.00 If I had known how much pressure cookers have improved since my Prestige went, I would have just paid full price – £170.00 ish and got one months ago. I have used it every day since. It is a bit big, but you can cook tiny amounts in a big pressure cooker but you can’t cook large amounts in a small one. It hasn’t actually been put away in my pan drawers yet, it sits on the stove top, looking…

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  2. Mollymawk

    I bought my Kuhn Rikon 12 litre Duromatic five months ago, and so I have had plenty of time to evaluate its pros and Cons.

    Over the course of the past 30 years I have owned many different brands of pressure cooker (Tower, Fagor, Butterfly – and others). They have all suffered from one fault: they leak steam. I live on a small boat, and steam is one of my worst enemies. Steam hitting the side of the boat condenses and makes everything wet.

    The Kuhn Rikon is the first pressure cooker I have ever owned which doesn’t leak large amounts of steam during the process of building up pressure. Of course, this also means that it comes up to pressure more quickly- and that’s another plus!
    Why have I only awarded this product 4 stars? Because although, when I first used it, the cooker behaved impeccably, it very quickly developed a fault. It now leaks steam while building up pressure. The steam leaks, not from the escape valve but from the seal on the lid.

    I’ve recently written to Kuhn Rikon, and…

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  3. Miss Elaine Wilson

    I bought the 12 Litre version for canning meat. The cooker comes with a tray for the bottom so you don’t need to buy an extra rack to place the jars on.
    The jars I used for canning were the 500ml Kilner Mason jars – the cooker will fit 7 of these in one batch.
    I will try the 1litre jars next as they should fit comfortably in the cooker.
    If you measure the depth of the cooker WITH the rack inside it is 19cm so jars under this height should fit in for canning.
    Once the correct pressure has been achieved, it was easy to maintain the pressure in the cooker for the whole cook time – I was surprised at how low you can turn the gas on the stove to maintain this pressure.
    Letting the pressure out after the cook was easy – just press on the valve at the top till it stops hissing and the lid comes off easily.
    My first batch of canning meat was a success with no breakages or failed seals. I’m chuffed to bits with this cooker.

    If this is your first time at trying out canning: it is really easy, but…

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  4. Steve

    This is my 3rd pressure cooker, prev 2 were Presto. At 8 litres/28cms it is 1/3 larger than my prev models. It is absolutely brilliant. Comes up to pressure rapidly. Leave it to point it HISSES. This is actually to just beyond a proxy 3rd pressure ring (cooker has 2 pressure ring indicators). So 17psi / 1.2bar. Turn gas to low. Pressure cooker goes silent but holds this higher pressure. Fantastic!

    This is the “hotel” version so no gizmos, just plain vanilla. Consider the wider 28cms model if using for jam say (wider better than higher, more surface area = less spills). That said it is wide pot. Others mention a narrower (higher) pot less easy to use. Pleased I took their advice.

    It Swiss, expensive, v well made. Note the silicon sealing ring (twice price my prev models) is v robust. I can’t see it needing to be replaced any time soon. So maintenance should be low and running costs v low compared with my prev much more “pressure leaky models.”

    Marmalade. 10 mins for quartered…

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