PBN – Premium Body Nutrition Vegan Protein Chocolate Hazelnut 2.27kg Jar

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  • CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT – Vegan Protein 2.27 kg. Jar with a delicious Chocolate Hazelnut flavour
Last updated on November 29, 2023 5:38 pm Details
PBN – Premium Body Nutrition Vegan Protein Chocolate Hazelnut 2.27kg Jar
PBN – Premium Body Nutrition Vegan Protein Chocolate Hazelnut 2.27kg Jar


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Specification: PBN – Premium Body Nutrition Vegan Protein Chocolate Hazelnut 2.27kg Jar


‎2.27 Kilograms


‎PBN Premium Body Nutrition


‎2270.0 gram



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8 reviews for PBN – Premium Body Nutrition Vegan Protein Chocolate Hazelnut 2.27kg Jar

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Lucinda L.

    They say you get what you pay for. Well for a vegan protein this is cheap. Its a waste of money if you cant drink it though. If you like a strong chemical flavour then you’ll love this. I’ve learned my lesson. Ill not buy this flavour again.

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  2. Mr. P. Kotecha

    In my 15+ years experience as a vegetarian (and past 6 years) vegan athlete, and food scientist – I’ve tried plenty of veggie and vegan proteins – the latter including Sun Warrior and comparable offerings from Bulk Powders and other brand leaders, and I can honestly confirm in both mine and my clients’ opinion – this PBN Vegan protein is:
    – Taste-wise pretty much as good as the brand leaders (even the sweetness is balanced)
    – “Healthier” as it doesn’t use artificial sweeteners like many other vegan blends; instead using stevia – but it doesn’t taste “harsh” like some stevia based protein blends – another plus
    – Better digesting – none of my clients or myself have reported bloating (some non-veggie clients of mine have switched to this for this one reason alone – and unusually includes digestive enzymes in the blend – a rarity in vegan blends out there
    – Has additional micronutrients (vitamins/minerals)
    – Blends very, very easily – hardly any caking or clumping – literally able to…

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Not the best tasting vegan supplement I’ve had (I chose Chocolate Hazelnut)

    It dissolves easily enough and it’s amazing value for money.

    I recommend mixing with an alpro milk for some flavour or mix in some peanut butter.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Flavour is poor used lots of the the other shakes. This tastes mostly of pea! Won’t be buying this particular flavour/ mix from PBN. Will stick to whey protein not vegan.

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  5. craig1979devon

    As you can see from other reviews value is good but flavour is below average once I’ve finished I’ll not get it again I’d rather pay more that taste a lot better I think it’s going to be a struggle

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  6. Jon Watson

    Smells wonderful, tastes awful.

    Ordered this as my first foray into protein powder brought me to a vanilla whey isolate that tasted wonderful but bloated me and broke my skin out. Ordered this a change to polarised reviews and now foolishly have 2.2KG of foul tasting chalk. Mysteriously the hazelnuts described on the tub are prevelant in the scent of the powder but are replaced with bitter acrid suffocation when water or almond milk is added. Adding coffee, ice, semi-skimmed, zero cal syrup and peanut powder makes this powder almost pallatable.

    If you’re unsure, absolutely do not be lured by value into getting the larger tub.

    On a side note, no digestive issues and does not seem to be affecting my skin. Also my farts have been smelling attrocious which makes me certain I’m actually digesting it unlike the whey isolate.

    UPDATE: changed review from 2 stars to 4
    here’s a recipe to make it actually nice, your vegan protein iced latte:
    1 scoup PBN Vegan Protein
    2 heaped tsps PB2 powered peanut…

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  7. Luke

    As with a lot of protein products, the opinions on this one are varied and, in many cases, polarising. It’s easy to buy a product like this and suffer from a little bit of dread right up unt it arrives, especially when other customers are using such strong language to describe it.

    The problem, it seems, is that everybody expects everything – a cheap, easy mixing protein powder that tastes wonderful. In the world of protein, especially vegan protein, you’re usually struggling in all 3 departments. I think we can agree that the price of this product is excellent.

    The taste is okay. It’s neither here nor there. It’s more hazelnut than chocolate, and I find it easy to drink in oat milk. I don’t gag at how horrible it is, I would say it’s slightly enjoyable without being a treat. In terms of mixing, I find that some vigorous shaking leaves me with no lumps, and no leftovers afterwards.

    Ultimately, this is probably the best value you’re going to get, and is perfectly okay in every other…

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  8. Amazon Customer

    I found it mixed well smoothly if the purchaser can be bothered to stir it for a while and tasted mild nutty but nice. They haven’t poured half a pound of sugar and salt in which is good and it’s very good value for the quantity. Stir it in a glass with a fork or teaspoon about half full at first of liquid then gradually add more. If you like add a heaped teaspoon of cocoa with added sugar and salt.

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