Rugged Smartphone, DOOGEE S59 Pro Android 10, 4GB+ 128GB, 16MP + 8MP Four Cameras, 10050mAh Battery, 5.71 inches HD+, IP68 Waterproof Mobile Phone,…

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Last updated on February 26, 2024 5:48 pm Details
Rugged Smartphone, DOOGEE S59 Pro Android 10, 4GB+ 128GB, 16MP + 8MP Four Cameras, 10050mAh Battery, 5.71 inches HD+, IP68 Waterproof Mobile Phone,…
Rugged Smartphone, DOOGEE S59 Pro Android 10, 4GB+ 128GB, 16MP + 8MP Four Cameras, 10050mAh Battery, 5.71 inches HD+, IP68 Waterproof Mobile Phone,…


  • 【10050mAh Super Battery&24W Fast Charge】DOOGEE S59 Pro comes with a massive 10050 mAh battery inside and can handle intense gaming for long hours. It can easily last about two days on a single charge and be fully charged in just 3 hours. Enjoy fast charging with 24W wires anytime, anywhere.
  • 【Four-Camera AI Configuration Level】Main camera will have 16MP and clearly captures your favorite moments. Samsung 16MP front camera gives you sharper, high-resolution photos. Be the star of photography and enjoy more details in every image. Use the integrated 8MP Macro Camera to take close-ups that really bring out the detail. The intelligent 8MP depth camera lets you build live focus and apply natural-looking Bokeh effects to your image while shooting or later.
  • 【Special Body Design & Waterproof IP68 & IP69K】S59 Pro Rugged Smartphone adopts four corner tire designs and high strength rubber to provide a full range of protection. IP68 &IP69K waterproof, wherever you are, can provide powerful waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof functions. Whether it’s mountains, deserts, lakes, or the equator, the phone can always work perfectly.
  • 【2W Loudest Smartphone Speakers】DOOGEE S59 Pro comes equipped with a Tonearm box and IC SMART power amplifier. It can be increased to a maximum output power of 2W and a volume of up to 100dB! It ensures that making and receiving telephone calls is an ongoing process for the hearing impaired.
  • 【Custom Shortcut Key/Fingerprint Double Unlocking】Custom key on the left side of the DOOGEE S59 Pro can be configured as a shortcut button to access different applications such as sound recording, torch, screenshots, underwater camera, SOS emergency call, or any other third party application of your choice, and can be executed with one touch. It supports fingerprint unlocking and faces recognition two options exist in unison to offer your phone the safest and most unique key.

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8 reviews for Rugged Smartphone, DOOGEE S59 Pro Android 10, 4GB+ 128GB, 16MP + 8MP Four Cameras, 10050mAh Battery, 5.71 inches HD+, IP68 Waterproof Mobile Phone,…

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  1. Sh3ll’s

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     This phone is really good its just as fast and clear screen as the
    well named brands, the screen is crystal clear I love this phone I
    have had an older version of this make so I knew this was going to
    be good,

    The battery is brilliant it lasts a long time, can easy not charge it
    for a few days at a time, and the memory is good also makes the
    phone run really smooth,

    The phone security is good it has a good finger print section on
    the side. its easy to use, you can fit a lot on music and pics on here,

    its got a very good outs shell and there is no fear of it breaking,
    and its water proof.

    overall it a high quality phone i would highly recommend to anyone
    especially if do activities out side, great price also.

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  2. tcscouser

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I’ve had this phone for about a month and it’s been great. A huge 10500mah battery means it lasts for at least two days depending on my usage. Its a chunky phone but this is to make it stronger, fully waterproof and able to survive plenty dropping it. It’s got a really clear display screen with an almost 3D effect to it. The colours appear to have a real depth to them. The touch screen is really responsive and my apps open quickly. The phone has a 128gb storage so there’s loads of space for work documents and photos. The phone operates on Android and has 4gb RAM so everything runs smoothly on it. If you’re looking for a workhorse of a phone then look no further than this one. It’s perfect for a busy on the go life.

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  3. Kauzar E.

    I read in the description that the battery lasts for a long time. I bought it about a week ago and I made a promise to myself that I will not charge it until it’s close to dying. I couldn’t believe it; today was the seventh day and I just charged it for the first time. And during this week, I played multiple games on it, I watched many videos, I worked on it, took pictures and videos, I basically barely put it down.

    The main purpose why I bought is because I was planning to go to the mountainside this summer and this phone is the perfect choice as it obviously lasts for a long period, is very strong and sturdy, and has an amazing camera quality.

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  4. Amanda Crewe

    This phone is tougher than Vinny Jones! I bought it as I am always dropping my phone and breaking the screen. Although it’s a bit heavier than my current phone (it’s all of that protection!) it is a great smartphone. It has all of the features of my current phone, except the camera capability. Although it takes good, sharp pictures the camera could be a little higher quality. That said, it does use AI to improve the quality. This phone is waterproof, drop proof and probably bomb proof! I’ll never have to replace my screen again. Gorilla glass is the way to go. It was also easy to set up. If, like me, you are always smashing your phone or dropping it down the toilet, then this is the phone for you…at a quarter of the price of better known makes. Well worth the money.

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  5. Saqib

    Bought this as I work in the security industry and needed a reliable work phone. This was one of the cheapest but had all the features I needed. I’ve tried the water and shock proof features independently and can 100% confirm it does what it says on the tin.

    Which is rare in today’s day and age. I’ve had it about a week or so now and it’s done wonders for me personally working in a night time security industry environment. The phone is quite large and heavy however so this must be considered and I feel it would be a good idea to state this to make more people aware.

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  6. Ahmed Smart

    Best Mobile Set of my Life. Full of All Latest Features and Applications. Touch screen experience is Fabulous. Comparatively Thick phone, Found it more beneficial after the use as more accidental proof , and much longer battery life. Battery lasting make it attractive to use as you can use it all day, outdoor, anywhere without the doubt of battery runout. Very Good Price as 3,4 time cheaper than popular brand phones, and more 100% similar to all other branded mobile phones.

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  7. A S A

    I bought this phone as a gift for my husband, as he is always in DIY stuff and keep breaking or messing up the phone. So for the last few days, I was looking for a rugged phone and  I found this.
    It is a big phone as my hubby likes the big screen. He took a bit to get used to this phone as he was an iPhone user. But this is just an amazing phone for him. When he is working, he always listens 🎶, which drains the battery in the most phone. But with this one, the battery life is amazing, no need for power banks 😉.
    I was not expecting the camera to be this good like I can hardly feel any difference between the camera of this and his last one.  Pleased with the purchase👍.

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  8. Ecstaticerma

    So I like the look of the newest iPhones or galaxies, but I’m sadly an absolute clutz and continuously drop and damage my phones. I decided I just needed to get a seriously tough phone that could handle everything I throw at it.
    This phone is a decent amount of money. I really do like the look of it, although my kids aren’t that impressed. It is quite a lot heavier than one of the posh phones, but that just makes me feel more confident in its toughness.
    The screen is a great size, it’s really easy to use, just an all round great phone. The battery seems to last really well and I like how it feels.
    If you are into the most up to date status phone then obviously this isn’t for you, but if you want a phone that you can throw down a mountain and it still work, this is the one.
    Personally I absolutely love it and would recommend it to others.

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