Tefal IH210840 Everday Slim Induction Hob, Black

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Last updated on March 4, 2024 5:29 am Details
Tefal IH210840 Everday Slim Induction Hob, Black
Tefal IH210840 Everday Slim Induction Hob, Black



  • Black ceramic plate, durable, scratch-proof, heat-proof and easy to clean
  • 180-minute timer in 1-minute increments, a pause function that lets you start and stop cooking with maximum flexibility
  • 6 automatic modes (low temperature, simmer, boil, boost, stir-fry, and fry) and manual control

Additional information

Specification: Tefal IH210840 Everday Slim Induction Hob, Black



Model Number

‎IH2108 + E82344


Product Dimensions

‎6.5 x 30 x 37 cm, 2.65 Kilograms



Item Weight

‎2.65 kg

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Tefal IH210840 Everday Slim Induction Hob, Black

3.4 out of 5
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  1. Gadget Fancier

    This item is quite large so would encourage you to double check dimensions.

    We have a normal full size induction hob and expected this one (which we use as an ocassional hob for chinese style hot pot cooking) to be as quiet, i.e. silent. Unfortunately as soon as you turn on the unit the fan noise is very audible – not so good when you are all sat round it trying have a sociable hot pot cooking session. I guess it’s bearable as a normal hob for cooking individual items and then turning off – but for extended use you’ll need to be prepared to withstand the wooshing noise from the fan in the background.

    Also, as other reviewers have noted, the hob has the annoying habit of auto powering off after a certain time – not sure if this due to a time limit or overheat protection. Each time it switched off we were able to turn it on again immediately so may be time based. This happens even on the lower power settings.

    Again, no good for extended hot pot cooking sessions.

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  2. Pasha

    Lousy product as it does not reach the required temparature. Also the thermostate cuts off heating and does not restart.

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  3. paul turner

    Bought to cook on while our kitchen was being refitted. Very efficient and powerful, can boil water quicker than my kettle! It has lots of modes and functions but in my experience these are a bit unnecessary, just select the power level manually. Some comments about the power not going low enough – to clarify at the lowest levels it turns the coil on and off periodically, so the pan will boil then rest, boil, rest. At full chat it has a buzzing rattle to it but not very loud.

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  4. Stephen H.

    The cooker has been in use for about a week now. It heats up fast and can be used to simmer foods at around 80 degrees which is great for when I’m frying food or making soup.

    The touch sensitive buttons are also pretty reactive. It has a feature I haven’t seen before where the temperature is on a slider as well as a +/- counter meaning I can switch to higher or lower temps a lot faster without having to go through each option.

    Unfortunately the issue comes with the heating system or rather lack of. Even with a 9 inch cast iron, it is only able to heat up the centre area effectively. I have waited to the point where the oil at the centre is about to reach it’s smoke point, placed something such as eggs in, only to find the edge still not as hot as it should be.

    > Responsive touch buttons including a temp slider
    > Able to heat at a high temperature
    > Able to simmer food

    > Heating element is focussed in the middle. Unable to heat up 9″ / 23cm pans evenly.
    > Price is a bit high…

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  5. Penny

    The slim version is great! It boils water faster than a kettle!
    It’s really easy to use without too many complicated buttons.

    The only thing I wish it did better was have a smaller increment in heat between each heat setting. i.e. When I use the heat level on 2, it simmers on and off to keep it at a lower temperature, but when I increase the heat level to 3, it boils over. Somewhere in-between would have been a nice option to have.

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  6. John Wick

    There’s absolutely no doubt about it, this is a high quality induction hob. It works as advertised. For those complaining about overheating, please check the manual. H is a warning for hot surface. All programs have a time preset, this can be extended to a certain extent if needed.
    I personally found it easy to use not intimidating. Just take your time and read the instructions for a few minutes.
    What I love: light and compact size, easy to store; stylish design that blends with your worktop; responsive and easy to use touch controls. Reasonably quiet in operation ( all induction hobs require a fan for cooling); good length of cable.
    Boils hot water as fast as a kettle- hence I’ve stopped using one.
    Heat output and control are excellent, changes temperature almost instantly. Good for a wide variety of cooking: boiling, stews, stir-fry , deep fry , grilling, etc.
    Please bear in mind that you need induction compatible post. Don’t be put off by complaints. All my pots are working, so…

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  7. mathew

    whilst the overall purpose is fantastic being induction, there are the elements of the controls which lack usability for the end user. this product is like many out there that are obviously designed and programmed by the view of the person doing them rather than what the end consumer would be used to.

    and by this i mean, rather than the programs that it goes by and its levels, it really should have the actual temperature on the screen so that the end user could know what they need it to be at rather than guessing.

    the program modes ie stew slow and boil, should be easily selected just by pressing onto the item itself rather than havign to keep pushing the programe button below them.

    the temperature control should also be a case of the user doing a press down for the levels to go up or down with easy rather than the user having to keep tapping the option, which is also irritating because of the beep it does each time.

    apart from that its an amazing product.

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  8. MR J.

    Bought one to test out the idea of an induction hob before committing to buying a built in one

    In our experience, the hob didn’t work. As far as we can tell from reading other reviews and data, the hob has some internal shut off feature for when the plate, or electronics get too hot. For us, this was happening when you fry an egg. We’d start cooking fine, then a minute or so later the job would just stop heating the pan. No error codes or watching light – it would just stop heating the pan.

    The device looks nice. The preset buttons are pointless – they just go to a power level. They don’t do anything smart.

    We ended up buying a replacement made by a famous Swedish furniture brand.

    I would but recommend anyone buy this job. There are better alternatives on the market

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