Unihertz Titan 6GB+128GB, Rugged QWERTY Smartphone, Android 9.0 Unlocked Smart Phone, Black

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Last updated on October 22, 2023 12:32 am Details
Unihertz Titan 6GB+128GB, Rugged QWERTY Smartphone, Android 9.0 Unlocked Smart Phone, Black
Unihertz Titan 6GB+128GB, Rugged QWERTY Smartphone, Android 9.0 Unlocked Smart Phone, Black


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4 reviews for Unihertz Titan 6GB+128GB, Rugged QWERTY Smartphone, Android 9.0 Unlocked Smart Phone, Black

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  1. James

    Surprisingly good. Not for everyone. I was bored of black mirrors and wanted something cool – this thing was it.

    It’s big. VERY big. Bigger than a Blackberry 8700. It’s a brick. But, like Father Jack Hackett, I do love my brick.

    It’s a run of the mill android phone inside. Helio P60, 6gb of RAM and 128gb of storage are fine specs for a device like this. It runs most apps perfectly fine. There is an update to Android 10 too. It reminds me of my old Umidigi Plus E. Big, black, metal and powerful.

    The overall experience is stellar. It’s snappy and wonderful to use. There are a lot of updates which have improved the phone significantly. Most video reviews of the Titan are outdated and don’t hold up anymore. Believe me. It’s nowhere near as bad as everyone says.

    The keyboard is good, but could be better. It’s flat, so typing with it can be a bit difficult at first, but you soon get accustomed to it. The keys are clicky and have just enough travel. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about…

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  2. Jayney

    I cannot bear touchscreen-typing. Screens are for displaying, keyboards are for typing!
    The Unihertz Titan seems to be the only QWERTY smartphone option, other than Blackberry, left in the whole world.

    How did it come to this? Was it a fashion trend? Cost-cutting? Does everyone really love the lifeless feel of a cold flat sheet of glass on their fingertips?
    Whatever the reason, the Titan came along and saved us. We are the tiny minority who dare to live in the past, who remember better times when the satisfying click and well-formed shapes of real keys defined our communications experience.

    The Titan has a lovely keyboard, an impressively crisp square screen (on which you can still tap and slide around all those touch-screen apps) and an immense battery that lasts me a week. Yes, that’s right, I charge the phone once a week and it’s still on 30% even then! It works well too, and you can get away with most apps on the square screen. Just a few are designed for sole use on the those…

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  3. Anto Curat

    With two slots for sims I carry only one phone for work and personal use. Both sim works perfectly in sync and with options to which one do you prefer to use. The phone is very sturdy and has survived falls and underwater mistreatment. The Screen is big enough to read and see documents. The software is not perfect but is good enough to support all the apps that are based in widescreen. This phone is perfect for those who works on the go and need quick access to work related actions. This phone is not designed for media and gamers fans, some games are not totally adapted due to the square screen size. Camera is ok, I am not looking for pictures to show in a photo gallery but the resolution is good enough to show in most social media apps (which will reduce the resolution anyway). Keyboard makes it quicker and easy to type, avoiding typos mistake which you have with the screen keyboards, therefore, less embarrassing moments and better communication with co-workers. Battery last long…

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  4. zimera veneziani

    So this is a pretty good phone. Unfortunately I returned mine due to personal preferences. It was way bigger that expected, and I expected big! Also the charging port and headphone jack aren’t covered like other rugged phones so you need to buy plugs (which were hard to find) to stop any water getting in, if you want to use it for underwater shots etc.

    It’s very heavy, but pretty quick. I chose this phone because I love the qwerty keyboard, but you need to push the buttons quite hard. Something I’m sure you can get use to in time. There a few annoying things like you must get the case to stop any of the side buttons being pressed whilst in your pocket. Also the home button is touch whereas the back button etc is pressed. A little inconvient to get use too.

    If I was able to deal with the bulkiness I’d give it 4 stars. But for me, it just wasn’t worth it. The screen was rather nice, very big and easy to read.

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