USN Vegan Diet Fuel High Protein Plant Based Meal Replacement Shake Vanilla, 900g

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USN Vegan Diet Fuel High Protein Plant Based Meal Replacement Shake Vanilla, 900g
USN Vegan Diet Fuel High Protein Plant Based Meal Replacement Shake Vanilla, 900g



  • Dairy free vegan protein powder: Diet Fuel Vegan Chocolate is a dairy free protein powder made from peas, rice and soya protein
  • Created to Aid Weight Loss: Packing 26 g protein per serving to keep you full, Diet Fuel Vegan is the perfect vegan meal replacement for weight loss on a vegan diet
  • The low Calorie Vegan Meal Replacement: Contains only 210 calories and 3.1 g of sugar per serving. Enjoy a great tasting vegan meal replacement shake that helps reduce your daily calorie intake to support your weight loss goals
  • Packed with Vitamins and Nutrients: Diet Fuel Vegan contains high levels of fibre, plus added Vitamin B12 and Iron. We ensure each serving contains the essential nutrients to support lasting, safe and healthy weight loss
  • Great on the go: USN’s vegan protein isolate has been fine tuned to ensure you can enjoy balanced, healthy vegan replacements that can be prepped and enjoyed at any time of day to fit your busy schedule

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Specification: USN Vegan Diet Fuel High Protein Plant Based Meal Replacement Shake Vanilla, 900g


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‎USN Vegan Diet Fuel High Protein Plant Based Meal Replacement Shake Vanilla 880g


‎880.0 gram

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5 reviews for USN Vegan Diet Fuel High Protein Plant Based Meal Replacement Shake Vanilla, 900g

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  1. Anne Sack

    Note advice in the Q&A – one capful is enough!

    I actually first bought this in 2018, and didn’t use it as I was 55kg (I’m very short). I have since ballooned during lockdown to 69kg.
    So I brought this badboy down from its dusty corner atop the cabinets and have been drinking for 5 days, 1 shake in the morning (1.5 capfuls in a 50:50 mix of 500ml water and skimmed milk). Then I have a “normal” meal in the evening, lots of veg, some sort of potato/rice, some sort of meat. Never count the calories in my evening meal and rarely snack (the odd Babybel).

    First, flavour – strawberry is delicious. I do like the vanilla that I bought, too, but the strawberry has to take the cake as I actually look forward to the taste of it, very milk-shake like and not too sweet or artificial-tasting.

    Second, ease of use – following regimen above, I have a shake ready in seconds. My advice is to add the water first, then the powder, then the milk, so the powder doesn’t get stuck and the bottom when you blend…

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  2. Tansu

    I ordered the strawberry cream one after failing with slimfast. I use 2 scoops with 300ml of water (200ml was too thick for me) and it keeps me full for hours. Its tastes lovely and really tackles my sweet cravings aswell. With this and willpower to keep within calories I lost 11.5lbs the first week.

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  3. tony

    It does allow me to skip lunches or breakfasts as im trying to lose a few pounds.

    After trying it out on water/milk alone, i found the powder is pretty grumsome on taste its also a right bugger to mix as well.. most shakers tend to leave some of the powder stuck to the bottom.

    I decided to try my ninja juicer on it with this receipe:
    4-5 ice cubes.
    1+1/2 spoons (the big spoon that comes with it) of USN choc powder.
    1/2 a bannana (chopped)
    a dash of honey (optional)
    200ml skimmed milk
    100ml water
    a sprinkle of instant coffee

    mix the whole lot together on your juicer/proccessor and it turns into a quite nice choc+bannana latte that is night and day better than the thing alone just mixed with water and will keep you going for many hours before those hunger pangs come back.

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  4. Adam Burgess

    I have one for breakfast and one for lunch and a healthy dinner in the evening and the pounds are dropping off. I feel so much better and these shakes keep you full for ages. More than normal food! I’m gonna keep going with these. Just ordered another tub.

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  5. Chris Hardcastle

    I’m not obese by a long shot but I’ve wanted to lose a bit of weight for a while. Diets don’t work for me, I like to eat, but I’ve done shake diets before and they seem to work quite well for me. My mind seems to be able to accept this form of weight loss over portion size limitation.

    First of all I do not mix with water, it’s vile, all the diet shakes are. Instead I use skimmed milk, it adds very few extra calories and tastes so much better. I also add a small banana or a handful of raspberries and blend in the wife’s Blend Active thing. This knocks quite a bit of air into the mixture and makes it a bit thicker, you certainly can’t glug it down.

    It doesn’t make me ever feel full as a good meal would make me feel but I don’t feel hungry either, if that makes any sense. If I do feel hungry between mealtimes I just snack on a piece of fruit or a handful of dry cereal.

    So, all in all the product works, albeit with a bit of modification to the recipe. I’ve been using it a week only but…

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