Bulk Pure Whey Protein Powder Shake, Vanilla, 1 kg, Packaging May Vary

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Bulk Pure Whey Protein Powder Shake, Vanilla, 1 kg, Packaging May Vary
Bulk Pure Whey Protein Powder Shake, Vanilla, 1 kg, Packaging May Vary



  • Premium, high quality whey protein powder from a leading sports nutrition brand
  • Provides 23 g of protein per serving and is low in sugar. Instantised for lump-free mixing
  • 5 g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) in every serving
  • Perfect for anyone looking to increase their protein intake alongside a healthy, balanced diet
  • Available in a wide range of flavours and sizes
  • Note: packaging may vary for a limited period of time

Additional information

Specification: Bulk Pure Whey Protein Powder Shake, Vanilla, 1 kg, Packaging May Vary


‎1 Kilograms



Product Name

‎Bulk Pure Whey Protein Powder Shake

Allergen Information

‎Contains: Milk


‎1000.0 gram

Manufacturer contact

‎Bulk, 1 Gunfleet, Colchester, CO4 9QX, UK, Bulk, Centrum Logistyczne, Łąkowa, 23, 55-095, Mirków, Poland

Country of origin

‎United Kingdom



Age Range Description


Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Bulk Pure Whey Protein Powder Shake, Vanilla, 1 kg, Packaging May Vary

4.3 out of 5
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  1. AmazonCustomer#1341

    I guest you are paying for what you are getting at this price range you are getting unknown quantities lower quality milk soya lecithin and it tastes very different from pure whey proteins, find out this one is easy to use for baking than others. If you are looking for real results wound not recommend this one.

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  2. Witecat

    I’ve been looking for the right protein shake, and this is it.
    After a stressful day my tummy wasn’t very happy, it was too late and I was too tired to cook anything decent, anyway.
    i whipped up in the blender 2 scoops of this with 500ml of water and a tbsp of chocolate drink powder, and was very pleasantly surprised – smooth, creamy, yummy. Half an hour later my tummy’s calmed down, hunger is gone and feel no cravings for junk food. Love the neutral, yet gentle taste, this will taste great in mostly everything. Subscribing now!

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  3. PirateQueen

    Initially, I was quite excited about this powder. Good price, for one, and a promise of some flavours that you rarely get. Turned out to be less than efficient, so I won’t be buying it again, and as it is not the only product I had from Bulk that turned out to be bad, I think I will avoid the brand altogether. The taste is average, so is the blending capability…but the worst thing is that it is just not efficient in all things muscle, and this is not my first time using a protein shake, or, indeed, exercising.

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  4. K1NG_01

    This is one of the only un-sweatened and un-flavoured whey protein powders, and one of the only ones I can use as part of my special diet (to help slow down extreme muscle-wastage and malnutrition that goes with my permanent medical condition). Nearly all other un-flavoured powders are VERY sweet – like TEN sugars in your tea! The lack of vanilla, chocolate, shovel loads of sugar etc makes this Bulk Powder Unflavoured very versatile: add it to anything to rack up the protein content of any meal – for example turn a bowl of muesli fruit and milk into a high-protein meal.

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  5. JM

    I’ve had a few protein powders like gold standard and my protein.. gold standard mixed well but not a fan of taste (expensive). My protein tastes nice but mixes poorly (fairly cheap). I think bulk powders is probably the best of both. Mixes nicely and tastes decent. Fair whack of protein per serving. Only downside is my annoyance of using the bags as they never close properly. But if it saves costs I’m not that fussed.

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  6. Mr. C. Herbert

    I have tried so many protein shakes and they all taste disgusting. Finally I have found one that tastes really nice even when using just plain water! I tried Chocolate with water and it tasted really nice. Just like a chocolate milkshake would. No horrible after taste either! I tried Vanilla but as a test I did half milk and half water, put a banana in it and blended it. Tasted lovely! I can’t recommend these enough! Will be ordering more.

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  7. AmazonCustomer#1341

    – It is a bit on the expensive side, so it is a good idea to try get it whilst it is on deal.
    – Blends well if enough milk/water is added with it.
    – Not overpoweringly sweet.
    – ONLY mix it with milk, as it tastes awful with water imo!
    – I also really appreciate that it is from grass fed cows and not unnatural, grain diets.
    – Will last couple of months for sure, if 1 scoop is used once a day for 3-4 days.

    Highly reccomend this brand and this flavour blend. BUY SOME!

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  8. David H

    Having used a fair number of protein brands out there over the years and struggling to find one that is affordable, tastes nice (or even ok), and mixes well, I am pleased to find that bulk powders satisfies all three of these criteria. It, especially the larger bag here (I ordered 2.5kg), represents excellent value for money for what is a decent and high quality product that will last me a fair amount of time. I’ve broken down my review into various aspects below. The powder arrived swiftly after ordering, securely packaged, and in excellent, undamaged condition.


    Ok, so a load of protein powders I have had in the past taste absolutely awful. Bulk Powders, as any protein powder, won’t be winning any culinary awards but does, in my mind, taste far and away better than a lot of what’s out there. Over the years I have tried vanilla, chocolate, chocolate cookies, raspberry, and strawberry. All of them are great and very drinkable with just the right amount of flavour and sweetness….

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