Kinetica Lean Protein Powder, Low Carb, Grass Fed Whey, 36 Servings, Smooth Chocolate, 900g

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Last updated on October 18, 2023 6:50 am Details
Kinetica Lean Protein Powder, Low Carb, Grass Fed Whey, 36 Servings, Smooth Chocolate, 900g
Kinetica Lean Protein Powder, Low Carb, Grass Fed Whey, 36 Servings, Smooth Chocolate, 900g


  • DELICIOUS TASTE & TEXTURE: Smooth texture, consumer-preferred mixability and comes in 2 delicious flavours; Smooth Chocolate & Wild Raspberry
  • STRONG BUT LEAN: Lower percentage of protein compared to our Whey delivering approx. 16g of protein per 25g scoop, but also lower in calories and contains green tea extract for added wellness
  • BATCH TESTED: Every batch is tested to comply to WADA exacting standards under the Informed Sport testing regime
  • FREE FROM: Gluten-Free

Additional information

Specification: Kinetica Lean Protein Powder, Low Carb, Grass Fed Whey, 36 Servings, Smooth Chocolate, 900g


‎900 Grams



Allergen Information

‎Contains: Soy, Milk, Oat


‎900.0 gram



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5 reviews for Kinetica Lean Protein Powder, Low Carb, Grass Fed Whey, 36 Servings, Smooth Chocolate, 900g

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  1. Spawnee

    I have reviewed around half a dozen or so protein powders on Amazon Vine, some have been great, others now so great. This Kinetica Lean Protein Powder is one that comes in as average for me.

    First the positives, I like that it comes in a tub, as I find it much easier to get the scoop in and out, rather than the clip bags that you sometimes get with other companies. That said, this tub is a bit excessive, the powder only fills around 3/4s of the tub, which in the day and age of plastic waste, is not that great.

    The powder itself blends really well with semi-skimmed milk. Flavour-wise, it is quite sweet, nearly too sweet for my personal taste, and yet the chocolate flavour is quite mild. Using a protein shaker I found it did blend fairly well, but compared to my preferred brand (PhD which is available on Amazon) there was still a few small blobs of powder. Consistency wise, it was like a normal milkshake not one of those uber thick shakes you sometimes get.

    The downside to this Kinetica…

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  2. Spawnee

    Four stars for the smooth chocolate flavour more than for the protein content. Similarly priced and some cheaper alternatives will provide you with higher protein content so a negative decision about purchasing this product might already be made for you based on that fact alone. If you keep reading you may want to know what this product does have going for it.

    The aforementioned smooth chocolate flavour seems to be the principal plus point. It also mixes easily. The emphasis on the cows is it sourced from being grass fed and it being certified as Informed Sport Approved may indicate that the quality of the protein is high enough to mitigate against the lower protein quantity compared to other alternatives. But claims made for its purity of ingredients and scientific thumbs up aside, it is just a whey based protein shake in the end. What you do while taking such products is a far greater factor in the benefits they can bring than, ultimately, minor variations in ingredient quality….

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  3. Zepherous

    I have gone through so many brands of protein and I never like the chocolate ones as I find they’re too fake and rich tasting (I think I expect something like an Mcdonald’s milkshake). This Kinetica is surprisingly subtle and mild – a hint of chocolate and a nice smooth taste and texture. I have it in the blender with a little ice and some almond milk and it’s the first chocolate protein powder I’ve actually been able to drink and enjoy. The sweetener is Sucralose which is not something I like to consume (both for gut health and the aftertaste) so would prefer if they used stevia, but this is probably the most subtle aftertaste I’ve noticed from consuming Sucralose, so I can live with it. It’s a very light drink, one serving is only 16g of protein, so it’s definitely a light snack or a little top-up if you struggle to get enough protein. My usual brands of protein are 30-40g protein per serving, but then the Kinetica is half the calories per serving also, so I’d possibly double up…

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  4. Otaku

    This is a perfect protein powder for me. I am on a weight loss diet, I’m doing ok, but there is only so much chicken and salad I can eat. Regular protein shakes are too high in calories and regular diet shakes are too low in protein and don’t fill me up, but this has it all. The shake arrives in a hygienically sealed in a nicely presented tub. You only need a single scoop to make a really delicious chocolate shake, this has to be the best chocolate flavour I have tasted. I mix my shakes using a shaker cup, it mixed quickly and left no lumps, it is lovely and smooth with no chalky taste. Each shake is only 97 calories, and you get 16g of protein, so much better in every way than others I have tried. As well as the protein and low calories it also contains green tea extract which helps boost metabolism. If I have a shake in the morning I am not tempted to snack as I don’t feel hungry. This is whey isolate, the best form of protein in my opinion, low in lactose. It is very good value…

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  5. Slightly Hazy

    First impressions of this were really good, the tub is bigger than it looked in the photo and has a nice design. It was easy to make up the drink, just put 170ml of water (or milk) in a shaker, add one scoop of the powder (scoop included) and shake up before drinking.
    It was really nice to drink, it has a rich chocolate flavour and doesn’t have a powdery or gritty texture at all. Also no wheat taste which I hate about other shakes. I’m keto and this fits really well with that having only 4g of NET carbs (carbs – fibre content) per scoop.
    Other plus points for me is that it’s made in Ireland and each batch is tested before being sent which gives an extra peace of mind. I believe it is also vegetarian but isn’t vegan as it contains milk.
    My only negative is that you don’t get much to drink from the recommended 170ml serving so I was hungry after drinking it. With that in mind I would only use it as a workout drink as designed and not try to use it as a meal replacement as I don’t think…

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