Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter, 10 Litre, Scented

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Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter, 10 Litre, Scented
Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter, 10 Litre, Scented



  • EXTRA STRONG CLUMPING CAT LITTER SCENTED: Enhanced clumping formulation that reduces crumbling making extra strong clumps that are easier to remove.
  • FRESH SCENT: Provides continuous freshness for your cat litter tray and home.
  • PROPRIETARY ACTIVATED CARBON TECHNOLOGY: Traps and locks in odour rather than masking it, eliminating urine, faecal and ammonia odour on contact.
  • PAW ACTIVATED FRAGRANCE: Only releases scent when the litter box is in use.
  • LONG LASTING: 10L boxes last for up to two months*,meaning less litter box changes and saving you money. (*Based on laboratory results average daily urine volume for average size domestic cats)

Additional information

Specification: Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter, 10 Litre, Scented


‎10000 ml (Pack of 1)

Special Features

‎Easy to store, Easy to Use

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Product Dimensions

‎28 x 12 x 34 cm, 8.3 Kilograms

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‎0.03 Millilitres

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Item Weight

‎8.3 kg

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Ever Clean Extra Strong Clumping Cat Litter, 10 Litre, Scented

3.5 out of 5
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  1. Amanda

    Apparently I have a very posh kitty who can’t stand the budget generic sand litter, catsan (which looks like rocks that came from the moon), the worlds greatest litter (seriously does any cat use that stuff?), or any of the wood pellets brands. He either will go potty for only a day or two and then decide that going outside the box is way better or he will go into the litter box and scratch out all the litter on to the floor. If wasn’t clear I needed a solution!

    After doing some research, I discovered Ever Clean. The reviews were good and seemed that the only downside was the price. To a degree the price would be okay if kitty used the litter box more consistently and the litter was low maintenance for cat mom and dad. I ordered some thinking what the heck, it can’t hurt. I can say with confidence kitty is a happy camper and is going potty in all the right places – aka the LITTER BOX! woot woot. Also it smells fine (aka not smelly). I have now repurchased and bought 15 more boxes -…

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  2. Jess S

    Seriously. I almost never write reviews but I’ve been meaning to write this review for the past few weeks because every time that I clean the cat litter, I’m like “This cat litter is AH-MAY-ZING!” I have several litter boxes around the house since my old man Hamish (#hamishofwales if you’re interested) decided the entire house was his garden. I have a large, covered kitty litter box with a flap and that stupid charcoal “filter” that we all know does nothing in the small toilet, I have a corner one on the stairs and another on a landing. Our house started to just stink and while I’m not going to get rid of any of my animals, the smell was embarrassing.

    I tried every litter under the sun. Clumping, non-clumping, clay, wood pellets (not bad), even added those ‘crystals’ to the litter. And Hamish was doing pretty stinky poo, too (sorry to gross you out). So the little powder room/toilet was just a stink trap. I bought this litter on sale during a Prime Sale Day and I’ve been absolutely…

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  3. Jen

    Although this litter is undoubtedly great for clumping and hiding odours, it is HIGHLY scented and clearly our cat was either allergic to the fragrance or another ingredient. By the time we’d used a second tray, he had developed a sore, scabby rash all over his stomach, and was clearly itchy as he was over-grooming. He was sad, tired, and not himself, and was yowling and desperately searching for somewhere else to toilet. We feel so bad that it took us so long to click that this litter was the cause. If you have a cat who has sensitive skin and is prone to dermatitis (ours has previously been shown to have a flea allergy, so we always keep his treatments up to date) then beware of this litter.

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  4. Olympia

    This is not suitable for elderly cats or kittens and the reason is this, the granules once wet expands to five times it,s original size. For a curious kitten who might want to taste it this can be fatal as the granules will expand inside their intestine making expulsion virtually impossible the same applies to an elderly cat who might be under the impression that it’s something good to eat especially the scented litter. My elderly cat tried it with fatal consequences. I did contact the manufacturer but they never bothered to reply.Their behaviour speaks volumes.

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  5. Geek Fairy Jo

    We have a covered no door litter tray on our landing as our old cat lives upstairs. I had been using worlds best for last year, didn’t mind spending the money on it as it lasts in theory for ages if you empty out the poo and wee daily. But I was finding even with regular emptying after a full clean out and disinfect a week later the smell of poo staying in the litter was too much. So it was becoming too expensive to do a full replace.

    This new litter, there is literally no smell. Even with poo in there. Not sure what sort of magic is in it but I am converted. It is easy to use as very fine and when using the litter shovel the clean bits fall through easily.

    Worth every penny, and will only be using this from now on.

    Another bonus is in a box much easier to store.

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  6. LeighFontaine

    I have 4 Bengal cats at home and was using the wood pellets, however there was a lot of tracking through the apartment and needed changing every few days because of the odour.

    This litter is amazing, it’s easy to scoop as the clumping technology absorbs the urine easily and neatly which leaves the clean litter behind. There is NO odour whatsoever, smells like clean linen and there is virtually no tracking. 2 boxes were enough to fill 3 litter boxes deeply and leave enough for top up.

    EDIT: I found that the litter would stick to the sides when wet, I’ve now started to mix this with Cat’s Best Öko Plus Cat Litter and the two work as a dream team.

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